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Allied Mobility's Coventry Showroom




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Pieces of Content

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Allied Mobility set the challenge to Purple Goat of generating awareness around their new Coventry showroom, encouraging people to book an appointment to see some of the WAV’s they have available. We also looked to raise awareness of Allied Mobility’s at-home demo service for anyone that wanted to try out an Allied Mobility vehicle but couldn’t make it to the showroom.
We really wanted to position Allied Mobility as the go to WAV provider where they would offer excellent customer service and take care of an individual's bespoke requirements.

What We Did

We selected 6 influencers, 3 of which visited the Coventry showroom whilst the remaining 3 created at home content to promote the at home demo service that Allied Mobility offer.  
The influencers that visited the showroom all created Instagram Reels where they demonstrated all of the different WAV’s available at the showroom as well as the other features and help that you can access when visiting the showroom. This content was supported by a series of Instagram Stories that directed people to book an appointment to visit the showroom. 

The ‘at-home’ influencers created Instagram Posts sharing how their WAV gives them freedom and independence as well as highlighting that Allied Mobility will bring as many WAV’s to your home for you to try until you find the perfect WAV for you. This, again was supported by a series of Instagram Stories that encouraged viewers to book their at-home demo.
We also used paid media amplification to reach a wider audience through Facebook and Instagram.  We used Geo-targeting to focus on a 100 mile radius around the new showroom encouraging people to book an appointment and visit. To further amplify, we targeted WAV users in the UK outside of that 100 mile radius to book an at home-demo through Allied Mobility.

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