A banner compiled of screenshots from the content that six creators made for the ‘So’ campaign.

So...? - Summer Escapes Range




Influencers, Outlines of the heads and shoulders of three people



Pieces of content, Outlines of a webpage


Pieces of Content

Impressions, Three circles in a triangular pattern connected by lines on the slanted edges



Engagements, Outline of a heart



Clicks, Outline of a mouse pointer



Creator: @mads.alb


Overall the influencers we activated produced extremely strong and high quality content. We saw that content performed really well on Instagram vs TikTok and we saw much better engagement rate and cost pers. So…? Fragrance allowed all creators to have creative freedom with the brief and to create content that was reflective of their natural style. This resulted in the content performing well on Instagram. 

We collaborated and partnered with a really diverse group of creators on this campaign which was a huge benefit as it resulted in us received a lot of different style of content that authentically matched the creators organic style of content. This proved as an extremely effective campaign as this was an awareness campaign we saw high amount of link clicks, which shows that audiences were engaged with the influencers authentic content style.

Creator: @sianwestley


With a quick turnaround period, we ran a month campaign consisting of both organic and paid activity to drive awareness around the new Summer Escapes Range. The key was for creators to naturally feature the fragrances within their content and how So…? Fragrance is the go-to-body fragrance everyone should be wearing this summer.

We onboarded 7 influencers in total across beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle verticals. The influencers created 7 completely different pieces of Instagram and TikTok content, which was then amplified through TikTok Spark ads.

Creator: @sophirelee

Creator: @indiasasha


Purple Goat were tasked with running an influencer campaign to raise awareness and hype around So…? Fragrances new Summer Escapes Range. The campaign consisted of 7 diverse influencers which ran from July - August through organic and paid activity, which drove audiences to So…? Fragrances product landing page.