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The Purple Goat Agency Story

Martyn Sibley and Chris Cusack in an office to pitch Purple Goat for the first time.

How It All Started

After 15 years working within marketing, entrepreneurship, and disability, Purple Goat founder and CEO Martyn Sibley saw a unique opportunity to authentically represent the disabled community in advertising by utilising the community themselves - harnessing the power of disabled creators and influencers to create the most engaging, progressive and representative campaigns.

After a chance public speaking engagement at The Goat Agency, a strong partnership was created and Purple Goat was born.

Within two months of launching in April 2020 Purple Goat brought in its second employee and by 2021, Purple Goat landed global clients and saw the agency grow to 10+ full-time members of staff.

The whole purple goat team except for Martyn Sibley stand in front of a purple goat banner. They are all smiling as they celebrate purple goat's second birthday.

Where We Are Now

To our knowledge we are the ONLY disability led, disability focused agency in the world with 50%+ of our staff identifying as disabled. We are passionately building out a community, an industry and looking to progress the authentic representation of disability in the process. Approximately 0.06% of ads showcase disability in them, but roughly 20% of the population have a disability - so there is plenty of work to do.

Martyn sits at the head of an office table, smiling at a camera. He is surrounded by other disabled people at the table, individuals who are highly accomplished in the disability inclusion space.

What Makes Purple Goat Unique

We take all the best elements of a successful influencer marketing agency, and layer in disabled creatives and marketeers to ensure that we are offering the lived experience and know-how with all the corporate understanding and sensitivities of any other agency. 

Doing disability representation ‘the right way’ can feel like a daunting prospect for some, so we look to remove the fear out of the equation, so our clients can focus on creating brilliant content and realising their campaign ambitions.

Meet the Team

Company headshot of Martyn Sibley

Martyn Silbey

CEO and Co-Founder

Company headshot of Dom Hyams

Dom Hyams

Head of Strategy

Company headshot of Harriet Carroll

Harriet Carroll

Senior Campaign Manager

Company headshot of Dani Roberts

Dani Roberts

Campaign Manager

Company headshot of Gina Twelftree

Gina Twelftree

Senior Campaign Executive

Company headshot of Alex Rodrigues

Alex Rodrigues

Senior Campaign Executive

Company headshot of Olivia Aujla

Bobbie Solkhon

Campaign Executive

Company headshot of Bobbie Solkhon

Olivia Aujla

Campaign Executive

Company headshot of Carmen de Castro

Carmen de Castro

Senior Social Media & PR Executive

Company headshot of Josephine Choy

Josephine Choy


Company headshot of Luke Trower

Luke Trower

Junior Designer

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