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We’re a global social media marketing agency, powered by disabled marketeers and creatives. We pride ourselves on bringing together data-led performance, real human relationships, expert creative, authentic and engaging content and laser-sharp paid media activations.


We’re the world’s first disability focused social media marketing agency, and by merging our first hand experience of disability, marketing know-how and commercial awareness, there are no bounds to what we can achieve together.

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Influencer marketing, A phone on a social media platform with hearts floating around the side.

Influencer Marketing

We are the world’s only influencer-first disability focused marketing agency, with campaigns and relationships with disabled creators across 30+ territories worldwide.

Influencer Marketing adds the authenticity and human touch that was missing from traditional advertising by utilising the voices from the community themselves. Working with disabled creators ensures we can amplify your brand to the 1.3 billion strong disabled community and beyond, while providing better value than ever. 

By harnessing the voices of those within the community, we can communicate honest and natural narratives around disability whilst driving data-driven, proven results.

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Brand Strategy

Tapping into our unique experience in marketing and communications to the disabled community, we deliver creative solutions and ideas that truly resonate with their intended audience. 

By leveraging customer and market insight, we build social-first strategies to better engage target demographics, weaving in a layer of disability know-how and inclusive thinking into everything we do.

If you need help building diverse representation into your brand or communications, our team can help.

Content creation, A paintbrush and pencil

Content Creation

Through collaboration with our diverse media production, social and videography teams, and our wide network of content creators, we look to create content with progressive, powerful narratives that showcasing authentic human stories. 

We partner with disabled talent to create shareable, informative and engaging assets that complement brand strategies, whilst ensuring all are accessible by default.

By utilising our expertise in social media, we create content that captures real stories that are informative and engaging, as well as giving an authentic education around disability and inclusion. We collaborate with brands to ensure that their visual identity aligns with core narratives, and all social content utilises key accessibility best practice to guarantee brand messaging is inclusive to all.

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Training & Consultancy

Disability is one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act of 2010, and although we’ve seen a very public and positive education in recent years on how we can do better when it comes to other protected characteristics - disability might be considered to still be some way behind. With approximately 1.3 billion disabled people on the earth, the disabled community is the world’s largest minority.

Through building widespread disability confidence and understanding (and removing the ‘fear’ of doing it wrong), we can help remove the societal and systemic barriers that face those with disabilities. This also ensures we are improving representation and building out greater awareness and understanding in the process.

We can work with your company to make sure that it is inclusive and diverse, and confident in all aspects of disability. From inclusion audits to training and workshops, we offer to ensure your company is representative and inclusive on the inside and out.

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Research & Insights

Ever wondered how your disabled customers view your products, services or organisation? We develop and deliver bespoke quantitative and qualitative research, including focus groups, surveys and roundtables to really get an in-depth understanding on how the disabled communities thinks and feels. Insights gathered offer a fantastic opportunity to develop a deep understanding of current practices and opportunities for development, whilst creating a foundation for meaningful change in how consumers perceive your brand.

Purple Goat are here to guide you through the process and offer real world insights from those with lived experience at every step of the way.